Machinery Alignment

Alignment inspections are carried out while the vessel is underway to ensure all moving parts are aligned correctly to prevent downtime and costly repairs. Here is a new propeller shaft  bearing on a superyacht where the circlip has not been installed correctly.

Volvo Open 70

Volvo Open 70 canting keel to hull laminates and  fastenings under load while in the cradle. The front dot shows the pin has an anomaly. Dye penetrant also confirmed this when the pin was removed for inspection. The keel pin and bearings were all replaced.


On board electrical systems are inspected to determine if there are any breaks, loose connections or hotspots occurring. To the right of the picture in red, there is a peak. All connections were serviced and the fuse was replaced. 


The rudder laminates along with the foam core, stock and tangs were inspected as part of a pre-purchase survey on this racing yacht. Looking good.

Deck Fittings

High load deck fittings inspections were carried out after an extensive refit to ensure there was no movement around the fittings on the deck laminates and core on this superyacht.

Engine Components

A leaking heat jacket while carrying out sea trials confirms on one of the engines that the jacket is not fit for purpose on this fast Italian powerboat.