Thermal 3D/IR

Three dimensional infra red or 3D/IR software analysis gives accurate in depth views of components and structures. 

Internal Frames

Composite transverse keel frame looking good in one even colour on an offshore racing yacht.


Two of the six pistons on the engine are not working correctly while under load on sea trials on a commercial vessel. The injectors were marked and serviced saving valuable downtime for the client. 

Composite Mast

A composite mast with delamination along the length confirmed using 3D/IR. The delamination was just below the first set of spreaders as seen in the elongated hump.

Keel Bolts

Three of four keel bolts were not torqued up correctly on a racing yacht. One bolt is taking all the load. The manufactures were contacted to obtain the correct torque settings for all keel bolts.

Teak Decks

Teak deck passed it's sell by date with rot and high moisture just forward of the forehatch seen in the top spikes. Further inspections were carried out before new teak was laid. 

Hull Fasteners

Wooden hull fasteners in the hanging peaks that are rusty with high moisture in blue were marked, extracted, and replaced with new fasteners.